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Pilihan Minggu 2 NFL 2010


Pertandingan Minggu 2 NFL hampir tiba, dan jika hasil Minggu 1 merupakan indikasi, musim ini bisa menjadi musim yang liar. Bagi mereka yang membaca artikel saya tentang pilihan Minggu 1, saya memberikan 2 game yang merupakan taruhan terbaik saya minggu ini. Berikut adalah rekap hasil Minggu 1 saya:

Hasil Minggu Pertama NFL:

1)  slot online Pilihan Terbaik Minggu 1: Orang Suci -4 atas Viking. Para Orang Suci berjuang dengan pertahanan Viking, tetapi pada akhirnya, mereka menang 14-9, secara efektif menutupi penyebaran.

2) Pilihan Minggu 1 Lainnya: Titans -6 di atas Raiders. Game ini bahkan belum mendekati. The Titans menang 38-13, melewati penyebaran dan memberi saya awal 2-0 yang sempurna untuk musim ini. Jadi, apa yang dibawa Minggu 2? Mari lihat.

Pilihan Terbaik NFL Minggu 2:

Philadelphia Eagles -6 di Detroit Lions. Kedua tim kemungkinan akan bermain tanpa gelandang awal Pekan 1 mereka. Detroit QB Matt Stafford absen selama beberapa minggu karena cedera lengan, dan starter Eagles Kevin Kolb menderita gegar otak. The Eagles dan berbalik untuk membuktikan kembali Mike Vick dalam game ini, dan dengan Lions tidak memiliki senjata ofensif yang layak tersisa, kemungkinan besar akan kalah sebanyak 9 atau lebih.

Saya mengambil Eagles -6 dalam game ini.

Pilihan Minat Kedua NFL Minggu 2:

Bengals +2.5 melawan para Ravens. The Ravens adalah pilihan trendi untuk tampil baik tahun ini, dan tentu saja pertahanan Cincinnati bermain buruk di Minggu 1. Namun, Bengals kembali ke rumah, dan pertahanan jauh lebih baik daripada yang ditunjukkan. Saya melihat ini sebagai urusan skor yang lebih tinggi, dan Bengals memenangkan pertandingan secara langsung.

Saya menggunakan Bengals +2.5 yang satu ini.

Jadi, ada 2 pilihan terbaik saya untuk pertandingan NFL Week 2. Saya ingin pindah ke 4-0 musim ini setelah menghancurkan hasil minggu pertama.

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Neo Games ScratchCards


Review for Neo Games

At any time you start looking for online betting web sites lots of men and women search for specials or promotions before anything else. But, probably one of the most important factors you should take under consideration could be your software provider. Once you see a casino, slots site or scratchcard site the”powered by” is extremely important as it is going to give you a good idea of the types and caliber of games that are readily available to youpersonally. Each of the free money you need won’t help should you not like playing with the games. This si where a program provider comes in to drama and on the list of best is Neo Games.

Who is Neo Games?

Neo Games is one of the pioneers of casino Slot Online Indonesia and they’ve grown to be one of the pioneers in the business. Their specialty is instant play matches which include things like scratch cards along with a few slots. They were created in 2005 and ever since that time have an established reputation for innovation and quality. Their standing is solid and is seen by using their over 120 million games sold monthly.

Primarily Neo Games provides prompt play games such as scratch cards. All these are crossing the world and so are getting to be popular. They way they work is that you scratch the winning options online of course, if you buy a combination that leads to a jack pot you triumph. There are over 60 different titles with several distinct themes. For example you can choose sports themes, casino topics or even dream topics.

Neo Games also provides a fairly impressive selection of slots games using some exceptional playing opportunities. It is possible to select classic three reel, single pay line slots. They have a spin with this theory with a traditional slots game at which you can play multiple games at once. Each slots game has a different motif and comes with interactive fun, crisp graphics and sound.

Neo Games Access

One of their favorite features for those who play Neo Games’ slots or scratchcards could be the simple fact it is flash based and needs no down load. For Windows users, the majority of systems inside the world, instant play it is available anywhere even when you are not using your own computer. What this means is enhanced accessibility and security especially when far from your house or office.

However, for those who use Mac or Linux, a free down load option is only essential. Downloadable games usually don’t work along with other programs so that it makes playing online games nearly impossible. But with immediate playflash based games, even people who make use of a Mac or Linux operating system can get in to the fun.

Neo Games is a Good Choice in Gambling Computer Software

For everyone who is searching for somewhere to play with scratch matches or internet slots, then start looking for”Powered by Neo Games” on the website before choosing.

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